If you want to draw 4D-cube (hypercube of tesseract) - you may try to use my scripts.

How to use:
- download
- unpack
- run matlab
- run do_all3, do_all4, do_all5, do_all6, do_avi
scripts do_all3, do_all4, do_all5 draw a tesseract from one or from many points of view
do_all6 creates a series of pictures of rotating hypercube
do_avi converts these pictures to avi file
Note: the avi file is uncompressed and very big (55M).
to compress it (to ~500K) you may use f.e. VirtualDub program (http://virtualdub.sourceforge.net/).
however, unfortunately, VirtualDub does not have a linux version and runs not very good with wine.

Example of running the programm: